Saturday, March 29, 2014

Assignment 19: Poem

Green Bean Adolescence
Brenna Thummler

We spent our beginnings in pot
Under weed and hiding from the sun
Afraid to die
Afraid to show our skin
Afraid of getting caught between
What’s safe
And what’s desired

We started to grow up
Hanging with our buds
Like nothing else would do
We’d take turns puffing up
Towards the sky
But only after you fell asleep
So by morning we were high

It only made you love me more
You made me wet
You made me breathe heavy
Sucking in your world
Between the darkness
Between your fingers
Between your gaze
Until I was adult in days

Now I give myself to you
Let you devour every piece
That you created
I am a product of your hunger
Your smallest dreams
Your green thumbs that up until now
Did nothing but twiddle
And I will let you eat me up
Until I am nothing
And only you are satisfied

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