Friday, March 14, 2014

Assignment 15: Poem

Ode to Sheldon
by Brenna Thummler

I love your unnecessary two-layered shirts
Your plaid pants that only increase
The length of your praying mantis legs
That kneel to prayer because your mother said so

I love your five-year-old haircut
Your not-so-coy smile
Your out-of-date Macintosh
That’s still more up-and-running than you are to me

I love the labels on your kitchenware
The bathroom schedule on your freezer door
The floppy disk of your enemies
And your eidetic memory that needs none of these

I love that you can’t drive a car
And that you’d rather take a train
Getting drunk on diet virgin Cuba Libres
And excusing yourself on behalf of East Texas

I love your claimed cushion on the couch
And that you sit there Tuesday nights with
Your diced cashew chicken and low sodium soy sauce
Spicy hot mustard and brown rice, never white

I love your unhealthy Spock addiction
Your triple knock-knock-knock on every door
Your Theremin and bongo days
Because you know how much I hate them

I love how you avoid everyone
But depend on them for everything
How you run from open arms
But beg for lullabies about soft kitties

I love that you can never tell a lie
So you’re way too blatant with the truth
Like you’d rather shred your hands to pieces
Than hold them close to mine

I love your genius
I love your incomprehension
I love your need
I love your self-confidence

I love how I can tell you all of this

And you’ll still think I’m talking about monkeys

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