Monday, March 24, 2014

Assignment 17: Original Poem

Hasta la Vista
Brenna Thummler

A cruise ship with a ready shroud
Calls forward a confetti crowd:
Over-planners, fake pre-tanners
Rubbernecking people scanners
Rowdy kids that ride on shoulders
Moms employed as duffle holders
Five-dollars-for-a-foot-long vendors
Feed the hungry money-spenders
Copping-outters, all-aboarders
Ticket stub and pamphlet hoarders
Gay partners that are one-half foreign
Coordinate in bright Ralph Lauren
Others wear Hawaiian shirts
Bikini tops and denim skirts
Yoga girls and far-too-healthies
Asian couples taking selfies
Pessimistic party-haters
Photo taking party-laters
Ice cream flavors, hot day savers
Make the children beg for favors
Kids toddle in their jelly shoes
Through models in their jimmy choos
Lesbians enjoy a smoke
And take a cruise because they're broke
Mothers smother sun tan lotion
Grandpa at last sees the ocean
Groups of three to groups of fifty
Noisy, sweaty, pesky, shifty
So long as we can stay afloat
I guess we’re on the same boat

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