Saturday, January 25, 2014

Assignment 3: Imaginist Poem

Swimming Pool

Behind the berry red umbrellas
Where in the shade, women sip through straws of lemonade,
I have found a harbor from the dog days.

It’s a bathtub for the giants
Fortified with cat tongue concrete on which
You cannot run.
But you so desperately want to run,
And you just might.
Leap into the patches of glittering blue between the
Bobbing rubber ducks
And submerge yourself in the cool oasis.

White splashes interrupt
Conversations of bubbly laughter as bursts of
Salmon pink and tangerine appear and disappear.
And then reappear,
Neon gems in this sparkling aquatic jewelry box.

You catch a glimpse of goggle eyes,
Springing from the surface like the popcorn
They sell at the bamboo counter,
Then dunking below the surface as you blink.

All around are silhouettes of splattered footstep,
But in an instant
Are soaked up by the sponge of the sun.

The heat sizzles
The heat speaks in a low buzz,
The one voice you know is speaking to you.

So what are you waiting for?
Dive in.

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